Passed the test! Emma Watson’s “very picky” family has “given their thumbs up” to the actress’ new boyfriend, Leo Robinton, a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “He’s handsome and smart and all their mutual friends approve of the romance.”

According to the insider, Leo, who works as a businessman in California, is “definitely a keeper.”  Even so, the Harry Potter alum, 30, “has tried to keep her dating life as private as possible,” notes the source. “Leo seems to be doing everything in his power to help her achieve that goal.” However, their loved ones are “hoping to see them out and about more often” because they make “an absolutely gorgeous couple.”

Emma Watson
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Emma and Leo were first photographed together in October 2019. The two packed on the PDA outside of Gail’s Bakery in London. While neither party has commented publicly on their relationship, Emma has been candid about her dating life in the past. “Dating apps are not on the cards for me,” she told British Vogue during an interview published in December 2019.

“I’m very lucky in the sense that because I went to university and because I’ve done these other things outside of film, my friends are really good at setting me up. Really good,” she continued. “And what’s really nice is some of my best friends are people I got set up on a date with and it didn’t work out.”

Emma Watson
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Emma, who has been acting since she was a kid, still faces challenges separating her career from her personal life. “I’ll be making out with someone and then I am on the telly behind us. And, all I can hear is the Harry Potter theme tune as I’m kissing someone,” she jokingly told the outlet, noting she doesn’t know how to handle the situation.”I’m like, ‘Do I turn it off? Do I just ignore this? Is he thinking about this? Is it just me thinking about this? Maybe he doesn’t know what the Harry Potter theme tune sounds like. Maybe it’s just me.'”

We can only hope Leo is a fan of the series!