Thank you TV gods for reuniting the cast of Everwood this week! Stars Gregory Smith, Emily VanCamp, Treat Williams, Justin Baldoni, John Beasley, Stephanie Niznik, Vivien Cardone, Tom Amandes, and Debra Mooney — as well as executive producers Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun — got together for a Q&A on Wednesday, August 2, to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary… and things got emotional.

The series about a big city doctor who moves his family to the fictional small town of Everwood, CO, after the death of his wife was a hit among critics, but only lasted for four seasons. “It was about coming of age, and I was so lucky I made it when I did, at the beginning of my career,” Greg shared.

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Treat, who played the lead role of Dr. Andy Brown, got teary-eyed when his TV daughter, Vivien (Delia Brown), described moving to Utah when she was just nine-years-old to work on the drama, and viewing the actor as her “temporary” father. Tom, who portrayed Dr. Harold Abbott, also got choked up when talking about the controversial abortion episode in Season 1. “I would say, as an actor, it was some of the finest and bravest writing I have ever had the pleasure of working on,” he shared.

Noticeably absent was Chris Pratt, who appeared on all four seasons as Bright Abbott. John (Irv Harper) recalled acting alongside the future Guardians of the Galaxy star while he was still a nobody. “I taught him how to play tennis and golf. I told him he was going to be a big star — he was a good-looking white boy,” John joked. “I had no idea he was going to be Chris Pratt.”

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Treat Williams and Vivien Cardone.

And the gang got our hopes up over the possibility of a reboot when Greg said, “No one has asked, but we all would love to work together again.” Added Treat, “In a New York minute.”