As Pretty Little Liars fans know, this is the last season where the liars are going to be in high school. Come season six, the show will be jumping forward five years and who the heck knows what will happen between now and then. One thing the show's creator Marlene King has hinted at is a wedding, and we're seriously hoping it's between Hanna and Caleb.

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We recently chatted with Ashley Benson, 26, at AOL BUILD, in promotion of her upcoming flick Pixels, and we obviously had to ask about the future of Haleb (they're our OTP, after all).

ashley benson and tyler blackburn

While she couldn't say much, she said just enough!

"You will be very excited," she assured us. "I think there's going to be changes, good and bad, just to you know, spice things up a little bit. That's all I can say."

We hate the idea of "changes" when it comes Hanna and Caleb, but knowing that she thinks fans will be excited is all the reassurance we need. If you try to decode her very cryptic and vague quote (as all PLL fans have learned to do), it sounds like the characters go through a rough patch and maybe date other people. But that they ultimately end up together.

FYI, if this isn't the case (Marlene we're looking at you!), we're going to be totally heartbroken.