Over the years, scientists and psychologists have come to the conclusion that names are pretty damn important. A "bad" name can cost you a job, a loan, admittance to good colleges, and can even make you more likely to become a criminal.

It's important to note, however, that a name itself can't magically make you do things. Instead, scientists have discovered that people with certain names are more likely to have attributes or come from a certain socio-economic background that drives certain behaviors. There are always exceptions to the rule, which is why you shouldn't believe in stereotypes. However, it is fun to think about, and honestly, Jennifer can seriously piss off. Below, eight female names you might want to avoid going on a Tinder date with.

Megan is most likely to cheat on you.


If you ever find yourself on Tinder and noticing an alarming amount of Megans who want to hang out at odd hours of the night, there's a slight chance they might already have a boyfriend. According to a poll by Gleeden.com (which is like Ashley Madison for chicks), women named Megan are more likely to be unfaithful, followed by Jessica, Amy, Olivia, and Rebecca.

Melissa is more likely to be a criminal.


If you're dating a Melissa, you might want to sleep with one eye open, or maybe just change your identity altogether and move to a different town because they are dangerous. According to a large study by Protection1, a security company, they studied 300,000 mugshots to come up with a list of the most common names of criminals. Most of the names are male, but when it comes to female names, the top ones are Melissa and Theresa. If you meet one, you might want to check and make sure she hasn't cut your brakes or something,

Jennifer is most likely to be a gold-digger.


According to Dirtsearch.org, a site that does background checks, they say this name comes up the most frequently when the phrase "gold digger" is in its search data. How the site manages to find this data is beyond us as we don't think there are public records on gold digging, but what do we know?

Emma is most likely to get pregnant in 2018.


If you're looking not to get stuck with an unwanted child next year, maybe you should think twice about knocking boots with a girl named Emma, at least according to a study by Closer. They came to the conclusion by pairing the most popular names in the late '80s with the age women are most likely to get pregnant (28). If "Emma" seems like a weird choice, it's because the study was done in the U.K. The American equivalent is most likely Jessica.

Tiffany is more likely to commit fraud.


As much as it pains me to write this (as my name is Tiffany), but yes, according to Protection1's study, women named Tiffany are most likely to commit credit card fraud. And yeah, maybe I have thought about stealing someone's social security number, but I was never gonna actually do it. Geez.

Amanda is least likely to pay you back.


That $20 you gave to Amanda? Yeaaah, you're not getting that back. According to money site The Finder, the most common age of people who don't return borrowed loans is 37. They then looked up the most popular names from its birth year and found that Jennifer was No. 1. But since we already know all about Jennifer (she is a gold-digger, after all), we went with the name that was No. 2 on the list, Amanda.

Ashley is more likely to be crazy.


Don't dump your girlfriend just yet. Out of all the polls and research studies we combed through, this statistic has zero scientific merit. It actually started as a Facebook list that went viral a few years ago. As for how someone came up with the list, we have no idea. However, you have to admit, when was the last time you met a sane Ashley?

Lauren is least likely to go to a gym.


Don't date a Lauren if you're expecting her to be in tip-top shape. According to research done by gym group Fitness First, Laurens are most likely to go to the gym once and then quit. If you want a gym bunny on your arm the next time you head to Planet Fitness, date a Sarah instead.

This post was originally published by Tiffany White for our sister site FHM.