Looking for the place to go when you’re on the go? Every day, millions of people are opening the Firework app to create and engage with high-quality, bite-sized videos that keep up with the frequency of short-form life. See why millions of celebrities, influencers, novice creators, and short-form storytellers are obsessed with Firework.

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This month, Firework introduced Firework Originals a.k.a. the shortest TV series ever created! Running just 15 seconds each episode, Firework Originals are the fastest and easiest binge sessions for any time of the day!

Among our favorites is Fireside Chat featuring MTV’s Awkward alum Molly Tarlov. Where Between Two Ferns meets late night TV, Fireside Chat is a 15-second talk show hosted by actress and funny girl Molly Tarlov. Her off the wall antics and unpolished interview skills bring the best (and sometimes worst) out of each of her guests including Good Trouble star Cierra Ramirez and singer/actor Leon Thomas.

In partnership with Firework, Ryan Lagod will create five more series to add to the Firework Originals that will star Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan, YouTube star Dang Matt Smith and creator Marlon Webb.

You can watch all the Originals shows by downloading the Firework app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.