Do not come for baby Luyendyk or Bachelor Nation will come for you! Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham can’t wait for their new baby girl to arrive. The couple already set up an Instagram account for Baby Luyendyk filled with baby bump photos, pregnancy updates, and hilarious captions written from their unborn baby’s perspective. When it comes to internet trolls, this fetus (aka Arie and Lauren) does not hold back, especially when someone referred to her as an “oops.”

While enjoying time vacationing in Hawaii after their wedding, the couple posted a photo of Lauren, 27, showing off her gorgeous bump in a white bikini while hanging out on some rocks in front of a waterfall. One user commented, “[You’re] an oops,” referring to the couple’s new bundle of joy.

Baby Luyendyk responded with the sweetest (and most epic) clapback. “Babies are never an oops if their parents are in love and ready to have us,” Arie, 37, and/or Lauren wrote as a response from their future daughter. “We are blessings,” they added.

Obviously, the response made an impact because the person commented back “I mean, true. Can’t argue with that.” They also added in a later comment, “Way to go, baby.”

Arie Luyendyk Lauren Burnham Clap Back At Troll Who Said Their Baby Is An Oops

Lauren and Arie have been sharing the cutest baby updates with fans. “This week I’m the size of a large banana and I’m about 10 inches tall!” the caption to Lauren’s latest bump pic said on Jan. 16. “I’ve been practice [SIC] swallowing and I’ve been kicking a lot in here making sure mom knows I’m awake. Next week we are back at home and Mom and Dad promised to start getting my room ready!”

It sounds like the happy newlyweds couldn’t stop gushing about the baby during their nuptials as well. “Saturday [Jan. 12] Mom and Dad got married and they were talking about me all night…I even heard them say nice things about me in their vows,” Baby Luyendyk added.

Obviously, Lauren and Arie are endgame and we can’t wait to meet their new daughter!

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