Living her best life! Francesca Farago “found the perfect diet” that works for her. “Honestly, I think it’s just me being vegan. I think that’s 90 percent of what it is,” the former Too Hot to Handle star, 26, exclusively tells Life & Style.

“If I work out every day, I just get more muscle tone, but because of COVID, I haven’t really been working out but my body has still stayed super slender,” adds Francesca. “I don’t stress about what I eat and I kind of like to have a full range of fruits and vegetables, a full range of carbs and fats —  and I just keep it stagnant. It just works!”

While a lot of individuals subscribe to a specific health and fitness routine, Francesca admits she’s less regimented. “I wish that I could tell people that I have a fitness routine, like, I work out three times a day and I’m super, super healthy, but I’m not!” the Canadian native continues. Ultimately, Francesca believes “genetics” plays a big role for her.

“Before COVID, I was working out and my body was more toned, my ass was big, I had more muscle tone in my arms and overall, I just felt leaner, but I’m happy with the way I look now,” she explains. “I think just staying active and eating right is definitely key in keeping your ideal body — whatever your ideal body type is.”

Francesca recently showed off her killer figure during a trip with her boyfriend, Jef Holm. The Netflix personality and Bachelorette alum went on a getaway with friends to Lake Powell, Utah, in late August. “I think he’s probably one of the funniest people that I’ve ever met,” Francesca says of her new beau.

“We have a very goofy kind of weird sense of humor, we’re always laughing. But then we can be serious, too,” assures the model. “We can hang out and not say anything and it can be so calming and nice, or we can have some drinks and have a great time.”

Despite being “nervous” about going public with their relationship, Francesca believes it just made them “grow stronger” as a couple.