After a lengthy hiatus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has finally returned — and with it comes the gem that is Gina Linetti.

Not only does the police precinct administrator have the best one-liners in the entire show, but her dance moves are literally next level (we would pay to see “Dance-y Reagan” perform live).

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Of course none of this would be possible without the brilliant comedienne behind the sass, Chelsea Peretti. And despite the fact that her character got hit by a bus at the end of a two-part cliffhanger in January (talk about a shock), it looks like Gina will be making a full recovery.

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In fact, it has since been reported that Cruel Intentions hunk Ryan Phillippe will guest star later this season as a potential love interest for our resident truth teller! Given that she hasn’t had much romance in her life since that ill-fated fling with Charles (Joe Lo Truglio), we can’t wait to see Gina get her flirt on again. A girl’s got needs after all.

While we wait to see how the rest of Season 4 pans out for the Kwazy Cupcakes addict, scroll through the gallery below for a look back at Gina’s funniest (and most honest) quotes!