Earlier this week, The Morning Breath — hosted by “Girl With No Job” Claudia Oshry — was cancelled over a racism controversy. While many wonder if there is any possible way Claud could bounce back from this, and while there is a chance, brand and reputation expert Eric Schiffer thinks she could find new success among a new audience.

The viral sensation — and daughter of starch conservative Pamela Gellar — came under fire when old anti-Muslim tweets resurfaced from her Twitter account. Pam is well-known for her strong anti-Muslim views and criticism of President Obama, and has been noticabley absent from Claud’s online presence.

“[Girl With No Job] could be a martyr of patriotic Americans who speak out against the laxed rules on ISIS, but I don’t think this is the path that she’s going to choose,” he explained, adding her mom stepping in now could “politicize” the issue. “I think time’s gonna pass, you’ll likely see her try to rebuild her career through Instagram again, and maybe take another shot at this in a few years when people have forgotten about this.”

claudia oshry twitter 2

Claudia — who married Boy With No Job in September — shared a public apology on Instagram when the news emerged. Eric also sent a strong reminder that what you post online in your youth can serve as a “future suicide vest.” He shared, “[This] shows that your words, at any time online, can undermine you at any time in the futureYou really want to think through in a proactive way of the potential scrutiny you’re gonna be under in the future. If there’s fallout, you may be the first to be ousted.”

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