Drama is following Lili Reinhart offscreen after fans accused her of posting a Halloween costume of a person in “blackface.” The 21-year-old Riverdale actress who plays girl-next-door Betty Cooper on the hit show apologized to her fans for posting a “racially insensitive” photo on Twitter.

The beloved star has since deleted the photo from her social media account. Watch the video below to see what caused fans to go after the celeb!

Honestly, we’re super proud of Lili for accepting responsibility and apologizing to anyone she might have offended with her post. But, not everyone felt an apology was necessary. In fact, some of her fans thought that people were being too sensitive.

“It’s not blackface? The costume wasn’t a black person it was a demonic creature? Demons all black like ghosts all white,” one follower explained. “Sweets. Sweetie. That was a demon. With wild crazy hair and scary teeth and witch nails. Not a POC.” However, many people agreed that the tweet was a big no-no because of its roots in racism. “They were painted black which definitely connotes blackface, which is rooted in black oppression & can’t be likened to a white ghost at all,” another follower noted.

Either way, Lili definitely did the right thing by deleting the photo. Her maturity just makes us love her even more!