Mark your calendars because the new Riverdale starts this month. We don’t know how we survived this long without the drama brought to us by Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty. Now, the best friends and definition of #squadgoals are coming back to the small screen on Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. EST on the CW. The Season 2 premiere is promised to be packed full with even more drama — and we can’t wait to watch!

Season 1 left off with Archie’s dad, Fred, getting shot at the Pop’s diner. Apparently, this will have interesting effects on Archie and his love-interest Veronica. “We’re even more sexual now,” Camila Mendes (who plays Veronica) told Entertainment Weekly. “Death brings out certain passions or thirst for life. So they’ve definitely been friskier. But I think now because of all this darkness and stuff in Archie’s life and Veronica’s as well, their relationship does feel more grounded. It has more substance than just physical.”

And Veronica and Archie won’t be the only couple who will be impacted next season. However, Bughead shippers won’t be excited about the course Betty and Jughead’s relationship will take. “They’re kind of, Season 2, Facebook ‘it’s complicated’ status,” Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty Cooper) recently revealed. “They’re on different sides. Jughead is on the south side, she’s on the north side, and it’s kind of like a little Romeo and Juliet situation between the two of them.”

Um, Romeo and Juliet? But, those star-crossed lovers had a tragic ending and definitely didn’t end up together. We hope that’s not the fate of Bughead. “Jughead is placed with one foot on the north side and one foot on the south side in a brewing civil war,” Cole Sprouse (who plays Jughead) said at San Diego Comic-Con. “His life is forcing his actions into a certain kind of narrative. It’s forcing him to realize that he can’t make everyone happy. And he’s going to lose a lot and he’s going to gain a lot.”

We’re rooting for both of our core couples! And we’re excited to see the new mystery unravel in Season 2. Like who shot Archie’s dad? And what will Cheryl be up this season following her family drama? “The first three episodes of this are the strongest of a second season I’ve been a part of,” executive producer Greg Berlanti continued. “It’s got an incredible new mystery and a new hook, and I think it’s got more of everything that people love about the show.”