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The ‘Riverdale’ Stars Are Rolling in Dough! How Much Money Each Star Makes, Net Worths

Cha-ching! The Riverdale cast, including Lili ReinhartCole SprouseKJ Apa and Camila Mendes, have some seriously big net worths. What’s even more impressive is the fact that many of the stars credit this as their first major acting role. Not too bad starring on a CW hit show as a first gig. 

Riverdale premiered in 2017 but really took off once its audience expanded thanks to Netflix. Now, the cast has four seasons under its belt with a new one premiering on January 20, 2021. Of course, the skyrocketing success of the show — and subsequently their careers — was a lot to comprehend. 

“The show took off in such a way that fame followed very quickly after, and it wasn’t really a smooth transition,” Lili admitted to W Magazine in 2017. “It was just kind of like, ‘Bam.’ It wasn’t a bad thing, but all a sudden, I’m doing all these things and a year ago, I was just starting to film season one, and two years ago, I was living in North Carolina with my parents.” 

Surprisingly, Lili did not initially get the role of Betty Cooper after sending in her first audition tape. “All of us were turned down multiple times,” she explained. “Except for Cole, I think.”

The Hustlers actress briefly lived in Los Angeles before working on Riverdale but moved back in with her parents while battling severe anxiety. She eventually moved back to the West Coast and had another shot at Riverdale.

“I auditioned in person with a fresh take, and a fire under my ass that I hadn’t had before,” she continued. “I felt so close, and I had been so close to so many things before, that I didn’t want to let this one slip through. And I remember leaving the final audition and calling my manager, as I was driving towards the sunset, and saying, ‘I feel proud of myself for what I’ve done. Regardless of what happens, I feel happy and really at peace.’ And I truly felt that.”

For Camila, she received the script for Riverdale right before she graduated from New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. “At first I was like, ‘I can’t go out for that role. That role is not for me,’” the brunette beauty told Los Angeles Confidential in 2019. “But I realized they were looking for Latina actresses. I was like, ‘Oh, great. Cool. I can do that.’” The rest, as they say, is history.”

The Riverdale cast has turned into major A-listers, and they have the bank accounts to prove it. Keep scrolling to find out the net worths of Lili, Camila, KJ, Cole and more!