Sweet gingerbread made with molasses! Gwen Stefani thinks her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, is only getting better. The singer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she dished on her hunky country singer beau. Spoiler: She’s still just as smitten as ever with him.

Ellen DeGeneres talked to Gwen about Idris Elba taking over Blake’s title of People‘s “Sexiest Man Alive” to which Gwen jokingly quipped, “Yeah, that was hard.” Gwen continued, “It was hard on me because, you know, it made me feel really good.” Ellen asked if Blake got a “little less” sexy after being dethroned, but Gwen assured everyone, “Honestly, he got sexier.” Oooolala, Gwen, you’re making us blush.

Ellen pushed Gwen about her and Blake’s marriage plans. The “Hollaback Girl” stood firm and said they were “still” just dating. Ellen did give her the great idea to just propose to Blake herself. Honestly, we’re here for that. For now, these two are happy where they are.

Whether they plan to get married or not, Gwen and Blake are obviously crazy about each other. They recently collaborated on the bop “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” that appeared on Gwen’s holiday album, and it has some seriously adorable lyrics on it. Lines from the song like, “It barely took a breath to realize/We’re gonna be a classic for all time,” and “I never thought I’d find a love like this/But I found forever in that very first kiss,” have our hearts melting. Gwen even dished to Ellen that Blake had a great time making the music video.

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton you make it feel like christmas
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While walking the red carpet before an episode of The Voice, Blake was asked by Entertainment Tonight if the song was about their relationship. “I would like to think so, come on … This is romance around here, of course!” the singer gushed. “I sent Gwen a couple of lines of the song. She took it and made the song what it is. I just sent her an idea,” the “Came Here To Forget” singer revealed. “She tries to say that I co-wrote it, but I just sang on it.”

These two are just too cute. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on that finger, though.

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