These two really make it feel like Christmas! Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have blessed our holiday playlist with their newest bop, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.” The music video that accompanies this sweet song is all 1950s theme and it’s a perfect pairing to the upbeat, romantic lyrics. It turns out, Gwen and Blake pulled a little inspiration from their own relationship to write the song.

When asked if the song was written about their adorable love, Blake told Entertainment Tonight on this week’s red carpet for The Voice, “I would like to think so, come on … This is romance around here, of course!”

With lyrics like, “It barely took a breath to realize/We’re gonna be a classic for all time,” and, “Thought I was done for, thought that love had died/But you came along; I swear you saved my life,” we’re swooning thinking about Gwen and Blake. “I never thought I’d find a love like this/But I found forever in that very first kiss,” also has our heart skipping a beat. Sigh, love you guys.

Blake was quick to give most of the credit for the song to Gwen. The country singer explained to ET, “I sent Gwen a couple of lines of the song. She took it and made the song what it is. I just sent her an idea.” He continued, “She tries to say that I co-wrote it, but I just sang on it.” However it came together, we’re glad it did.

Blake’s fellow Voice coach, Jennifer Hudson, chimed in, “How gorgeous does she look in that video?” Gwen’s signature icy blonde hair and bright red lip make her look like an absolute holiday dream. Blake agreed, “How gorgeous does she look all the time? It’s unbelievable.” He added, “Right now, wherever she is, she looks gorgeous, whatever she’s doing.”

Gwen and Blake really are the sweetest couple. Now, we can celebrate with them all season long.

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