Say hello to the top 24! Competition on The Voice is really heating up, and there are some definite fan favorites among the bunch. With the live rounds kicking off tonight, it should be a two-hour show you won’t be able to walk away from. Whether your heart is in it for Team Blake, Kelly, Adam, or Jennifer, you better believe people will be rallying to save their favorite voice. Voting is actually very easy, and there are four ways to go about it. The only stipulation is voters are limited to 10 votes per artist per email address regardless of the voting method used.

The Voice how to vote
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Download the app

There is an official Voice app available for download on the App Store or via Google Play. If you’re a disciple of the competition show, this definitely seems like your best bet. Show love to your favorite contestants right at your fingertips.

Go online

You can also try to save your favorites by heading to to cast your votes.

Apple Music

Starting Nov. 19, viewers can vote through Apple Music by streaming their favorite artist’s eligible songs during the applicable voting windows. The interesting twist this method has is that the artist with the most streams will get an “Apple Music Bonus” that multiplies the number of streams (aka votes) by five.

According to The Voice‘s official website, streaming eligible songs will start at 5:00 p.m. PST on Nov. 19 and run through 4:00 a.m PST on Dec. 18. The same rules apply as voting, each email address is limited to 10 streams per artist.

Xfinity X1

Being able to vote through your Xfinity X1 set-top box also begins on Nov. 19. If you have an Xfinity X1 remote, you will be able to follow directions on the screen to cast your vote during the broadcast and up to one hour after. If you do not have the bells and whistles of an Xfinity subscription, fans can also vote at

Good luck to the final 24, it should be an amazing show. Happy voting!

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