Hailey Baldwin Skincare Tips
Courtesy of Hailey Baldwin/Instagram

Tell ’em, girl! Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) took to Instagram to set the record straight after a beauty account shared a side-by-side photo alleging she had plastic surgery at some point over the years.

“Stop using pics that are edited by makeup artists!” the blonde beauty commented on the post on May 21. “This photo on the right is NOT what I look like … I’ve never touched my face so if you’re gonna sit around and compare me at 13, and then me at 23, at least use a natural photo that wasn’t edited so crazy.”

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Courtesy of Hailey Baldwin/Instagram

The post has since been deleted — but the model’s epic clapback was immortalized on several fan accounts.

This isn’t the first time Hailey has opened up about not being ~picture perfect~. Justin Biebers wife told a fan just because celebs look flawless in photos doesn’t mean they actually are while doing a recent Instagram Q&A.

“Well, everyone’s skin is different. I feel like I’m really honest and I don’t try to relate where I don’t have firsthand experience,” she wrote about celeb skincare on March 31. “For example, I’ve never struggled with cystic acne and any time someone asks my advice, I usually suggest talking to a dermatologist. A lot of your skin depends on genetics, hormones, environment, diet, etc. I’m only ever trying to share knowledge that I know to be true!”

Hailey also shared some crucial tips from her own skincare routine on her and Justin’s new Facebook Watch series, Biebers on Watch, on May 5. “I stay on a really strict regimen,” she explained. “There’s never a time I go to sleep without washing my face. I never sleep with makeup on ever, ever. Ever. When I have time off, I don’t ever really wear a lot of makeup. I’m never gonna put on like a full — sometimes, if we’re going out … on like date night or something I will. I try to just stay hydrated, drink a lot of water.”

We can always trust Hailey to be real with us when it comes to body image. It seems like the supermodel is, in fact, a natural beauty through and through!