We all have our favorite Instagram influencers, those pages and people we always go to and endlessly scroll when we’re bored. We’ve seen the “#ad” posts for Flat Tummy Tea or the latest teeth whitening treatment or any number of other viral products these IG celebs peddle, but not everyone knows exactly how lucrative these posts actually are for folks with a lot of followers. Hailey Baldwin, one of our fave IG celebs, got candid about how much these Influencers truly make when she appeared in the Netflix documentary, The American Meme.

“The most I have made off of a single post is $150,000,” the 23-year-old revealed in the doc. “I’ve heard of people making $1 million off of one photo.” Hmmm. We wonder who took home that paycheck, but if we had to guess? Whoever it was probably either has the last name Kardashian or the last name Jenner, just sayin’.

“I post a lot of things that I genuinely just like,” Hailey explained. “And I’ve gotten in trouble with my agent being like, ‘Why would you post this? You can get paid for doing this!'”

Imagine a world where people care so much about you that advertisers see your image as a huge asset. Sounds like an interesting way to make some money, y’all.

Justin Bieber‘s wife isn’t the only Instagram celeb that has made bank turning these kinds of advertisement posts into a lifestyle. Model Emily Ratajkowski, comedian The Fat Jewish, and reality TV queen Paris Hilton are all profiled in the film for turning their lives into one big commercial.

TBH, it’s strange to imagine a lot of these Insta personalities being anything other than larger-than-life, but we’re sure it’s scarier for them to picture their lives without social media. In the trailer for the film, Hailey asks, “If you woke up tomorrow, and you had no followers, could you go back to being yourself?” Well… could you?