First, she was Hailey Baldwin, the model. Now she’s Hailey Bieber… the actress? OK, actress might be a strong word, but the newly minted Mrs. Bieber is one of a few famous faces in the trailer for the new Netflix documentary, The American Memewhich hit the platform Dec. 7. Considering Mrs. Biebs already trademarked her new name for a possible clothing line, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her trying out a new side of the entertainment industry. After all, new name, new game, right?

On Dec. 7, Netflix debuted the trailer for The American Meme, a documentary about social media influencers and the power they have to, well, influence in 2018. Turns out, not only do they influence, but they also get a little existential about their place in the world while they do it. “That’s how lonely we are, that we’re going on here seeking validation from strangers,” Brittany Furlan, a former Vine star and profiled influencer, says in the trailer. And dang, girl. Way to call yourself, and everyone on the internet, out.

But Hailey’s moment in the trailer is possibly the most harrowing. She asks as the trailer ends, “If you woke up tomorrow, and you had no followers, could you go back to being yourself?” For someone like Hailey, clocking in at 16 million Instagram followers, or Paris Hilton, another profiled influencer in the film with a whopping 50 million followers between all platforms, that could prove to be a pretty difficult task. The lives of our favorite influencers are shaped around their online experience, and thus, it might be a liiittle hard to just turn it all off.

As for whether or not Hailey gets more than her dramatic little trailer cameo, you’ll have to watch the doc to find out. It’s definitely possible she plays a larger role, as she was at a Q&A for the movie at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. But either way, we’re sure she could probably speak to the experience in the same ways other influencers and Insta celebs can –– when you’re your own brand, you’re always on display.

Let’s hope Hailey actually does catch the acting bug down the line, though, because her big one-liner really gave that trailer some serious dramatic edge!