Queen of Halloween! See Hailey Baldwin’s Costumes Over the Years

When it comes to celebrities who love (love, love) Halloween, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) most definitely tops the list. In fact, the spooky holiday is particularly special for the model because of her upbringing. “I never was allowed to celebrate Halloween as a kid,” Hailey revealed in 2015 via Instagram.

With that, Justin Bieber’s wife makes it a point to go all out every year — she even gets her fans involved! “Spooky [season] is upon us and I need good ideas for Halloween!!! Send some my way,” Hailey wrote in an October 2019 Instagram Story. Unfortunately, some of her followers took the inquiry as an opportunity to question Hailey’s religious beliefs.

“Aren’t [you] a Christian?” one hater asked. Thankfully, Hailey had no problem defending herself. “Yes. I still dress up for Halloween,” she clapped back. “FAKE CHRISTIAN,” a second troll wrote, to which Hailey replied, “Our kids are gonna celebrate, too,” along with a smiley face. You tell ‘em, girl!

Later that month, the Arizona native finally unveiled her epic costume! Hailey dressed up as Lola Bunny from the 1996 classic film Space Jam. Unfortunately, the “Intentions” artist wasn’t present for her All Hallows’ Eve celebration.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Hailey and Justin totally nailed their Halloween costumes in 2020. For Hailey’s part, she dressed up as a sexy Nurse Dolly from Netflix’s Ratched in a custom latex costume by Vex Latex. Justin, on the other hand, went for a something a bit more nostalgic. The “Peaches” singer stepped out as Woody from Toy Story.

Of course, Justin added his own flare, including a brown beanie instead of a cowboy hat, jeans and Nike sneakers. We can’t wait to see what the A-list lovebirds have in store for Halloween 2021!

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Hailey Baldwin’s Halloween costumes over the years.