Nothing but love! Halsey is not here for any competition or feud rumors between her and Ariana Grande. The songstresses have been going head-to-head recently on the Billboard charts with their two bops “Without Me” and “thank u, next,” but the icons are living for the girl power. The “Bad At Love singer” slammed any notion that the ladies weren’t anything but encouraging of each other.

“We live in a world where women are required to be so f—king original, it’s crazy,” the 24-year-old admitted to Glamour. “I will say one thing about my generation of artists: We are just not f—king having it. Lorde, Ariana [Grande] … if you open any of our text messages at any given time, all of us are just like, ‘Yo, I love your new record. When are you leaving for tour?’ We’re so supportive.”

Halsey and Ariana Grande are supportive of each other
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The Grammy nominee continued to explain the different standards for men and women in the industry. “There are so many male artists who are regurgitations of each other: They all f—king dress the same, they all have the same stylist, they all wear the same f—king clothes, they write with the same writers.”

This is not the first time the “Him & I” artist and the 25-year-old “Imagine” singer have made waves with their sweet friendship. After Ari’s whirlwind break up with Pete Davidson, the two ladies had a powerful text exchange about showing the world just how badass they truly are.

Ariana Grande Halsey collaboration text on Instagram

“Honestly, just happy it’s us [right now]. The ladies need us. Time for an uprising,” the “Eastside” songbird texted. She followed up by adding, “Attention world: we are no longer taking [your] s—t.” The brunette beauty simply responded, “AT ALL.”

Fans were hoping this meant the pop queens were working on a collab, but either way, it’s great to see women inspiring each other.

You go, ladies!

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