OK, we’ll admit it. It was a good idea — totally fit the bill in every way. But Ariana Grande‘s songwriting partner, Victoria Monét, is calling BS on the viral fan theory that one of the 26-year-old’s upcoming tracks, “NASA,” was written about her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. Aw, shucks. We thought we had that one!

“Yo, I promise we did not write a whole song about this mans [sic] shirt. 😂Promise,” Victoria, 25, tweeted on January 24. “It’s just a universally common word 🙈.” She is, of course, referencing the now infamous photo of the 26-year-old SNL star and his then fiancé at the VMAs that can be seen in her tweet. In the photo, he’s wearing a NASA sweater.

Pete has also been seen in a NASA jacket in the past, so considering that and how out of this world their relationship started out to be, we would be surprised if the song had actually turned out to be a reference to the dude.

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In fact, just because the “NASA” theory got debunked, it doesn’t mean there aren’t more possible tracks about Pete.

There is another song on the tracklist for Ari’s new album, Thank U, Next, called “Fake Smile.” One thing you might not know about one Mr. Pete Davidson is … the kid has veneers. Yep, that’s right. By definition, he’s got a fake smile. So, we’re not saying it’s about him, but we’re saying it’s probably about him, OK?

While we appreciate that Victoria came forward and got real with fans about the circulating theory, we’re also kinda bummed it didn’t turn out to be true. Ari is a really talented mind when it comes to songwriting so even though this speculation didn’t end up being legit, we’re sure she’ll have some other witty and special reference for us to find.

Ugh, is it February 8 yet? We need this album now!