Longtime YouTuber Hannah Hart‘s new cookbook, My Drunk Kitchen Holidays! How to Celebrate and Savor the Year combines two things she’s known for: her incredible wit and her love of cooking. However, the hilarious read comes with more than just fun recipes. The 32-year-old also hopes it will also lead to more inclusivity for the LGBTQ community and beyond in the holiday and cooking spaces.

While reminiscing about how the world has changed since she first started posting videos online eight years ago in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the blonde comedian gushed about the newfound power her generation has to change the world. “I feel like we’re all really growing up, and as we get older, we’re going to keep changing the bigger and bigger parts of culture because we’re going to be in charge,” she said. And that’s especially true for people like her that have a large platform to make a difference.

My Drunk Kitchen Holidays Book Cover
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“It’s crazy because the reason I wrote My Drunk Kitchen Holidays was, as a queer person, there’s not a lot of representation in the holiday spaces for people of color, or people like myself. So I wanted to make a holiday cookbook that welcomes everyone.” And it truly does. My Drunk Kitchen Holidays! features recipes for every occasion, from Thanksgiving and Christmas to Middle Child Day and Mental Health Day, complete with personal anecdotes and recipes for everything from green juice to “Garlic-Ass Mashed Potatoes” to watermelon margaritas. Suffice it to say: there’s something for everyone.

But it’s her own relationship that Hannah credits for allowing her to fulfill her creative potential, like writing books and producing web shows. “I’m really proud of the partnership I have with Ella [Mielniczenko],” she gushed when asked what she’s most proud of at this point in her life. “Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to make this book. Without her as part of my team, I wouldn’t be able to do things I do. But really, truly, as somebody comes from a dysfunctional family background to have a loving healthy partnership that we’ve both grown in and that we’re both putting our best foot forward in, and we both want to maintain for a lifetime … It just feels like, I’m so lucky. I get to spend the rest of my life with this person who I respect professionally, personally and is also just like one of my best buddies, you know?”

Hannha Hart and Fiancee Ella Mielniczenko
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Hannah’s new book was released on October 22, and she couldn’t be more thrilled for fans to read it. “I’m really, really proud of this book,” she explained. “The holidays have always been kind of a stressful time, and now it’s kind of amazing to have the opportunity to unpack them in a not stressful and in fact welcoming and inclusive way.” If you can’t get enough of Hannah from My Drunk Kitchen Holidays! You can follow her on Instagram @harto. Happy reading (and eating)!