With marriage comes mistakes — some big, some small … and some that screw up dinner. Actor Chris Pratt took to Instagram to share wife Katherine Schwarzenegger‘s epic cooking fail on October 19, but make no mistake. The 40-year-old praised Katherine, 29, and her ~skills~ in his caption.

“Proud of my darling for trying to cook tonight. Did it go well? No. No it did not. Not at all,” he wrote on a photo of an epically burned bagel bite that looks, well, nothing like one. That’s how gnarly this incident was.

“To quote Rocky Balboa, ‘It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up … and keep moving forward,'” Chris continued. “As you can tell from the lump of coal in the center of the plate, this bagel bite never stood a chance.”

He, like all of us, was puzzled at the outcome of the meal, probably so puzzled he just had to laugh. “I honestly simply cannot imagine what went wrong here. Pretty simple. Microwave. 2 minutes,” he concluded his caption. “Maybe she thought it said 2 hours. But I want to commend her for her effort. This is a big step babe. Proud of you.”

Believe it or not, his witty wife took a moment to drop a line in the comments section of the post — and reveal her ~maniacal scheme~. “Looks like my plan to just have you do the cooking is working out very well 🤞🤷🏻‍♀️😉,” the brunette beauty wrote on the post.


Needless to say, fans and friends alike flocked to the post to share their thoughts on the dinner snafu. “Time to close down the restaurant,” one user wrote, while others mused about what they originally thought the burned bagel bite was.

“That’s a bagel bite? I can’t even comprehend,” one follower wrote, while another added, “A delightful little blini with caviar. Perfection.” One even said, “I’m thinking some sort of chicken patty or a small piece of pork.” TBH, all of those could be right, judging by the looks of the poor bagel. We can’t win ’em all, can we, Kath?