This makes us so happy! During an exclusive interview with Life & Style, This Is Us star Hannah Zeile — who plays teenage Kate on the beloved NBC series — revealed that Milo Ventimiglia is eerily similar to Jack’s character in real life, which makes us love him even more.

“I think Milo is very fatherly. Not in the sense of being parental on us, but making sure everyone on set is taking care of and always looking out for other people. He’s a lot like Jack in that way,” the 20-year-old shared last week. Hannah also revealed that Jack — who passed away earlier this season after inhaling too much smoke in a house fire — will have a presence in tonight’s highly-anticipated finale.

“Obviously there was the whole thing where Kate didn’t even think she wanted to do a wedding, but also just because it was kind of haunting for her because her dad can’t walk her down the aisle and she’s so close to her dad,” the actress explained. “I think [she’ll want] an intimate [wedding] with people she really cares about and loves. I think it will be a good memory and nod to Jack. She’ll be thinking of him and having him in spirit.”

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As far as the rest of the episode, it sounds like we might get a break from the sad moments. “All I can really say is I think it’s going to be happy tears,” Hannah concluded. “I think they’re gonna nicely wrap up the season with a nice bow, but they always leave you wanting a little bit more. We know there’s a Season 3, so they always do a really good job with that.”

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