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Health food, nutrition, wellness and sustainable skincare are all hot topics in the wellness industry. So many new businesses are opening their doors offering new solutions to common problems such as lack of transparency in supplements and beauty products. To help navigate the landscape, we’ve spoken with a few amazingly healthy DTC brands that you can check out today to help you access healthy and organic products for your health needs.


Unico is a consumer direct brand to watch due to our fierce commitment to changing the way supplements are marketed and formulated. Many companies use deceptive marketing and toxic formulas that harm their consumers and spread false information about the effectiveness of their products. We are committed to providing transparently researched and marketed products.

Lance Herrington, Founder, CEO, and Head of Design Unico


Clean beauty is the value that drives our entire business. With so much emphasis on clean foods and drinks, there is not nearly as much focus on clean beauty products. Follain is proud to be a completely clean and sustainable company offering the best ingredients and products .

Tara Foley, CEO Follain

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Oral hygiene is an extremely important aspect of our daily health that more people need to pay attention to. At Bite, we recognize the footprint that traditional toothpaste puts on the environment. Plastic toothpaste tubes are extremely wasteful and can’t be recycled, so at Bite we decided that a lot could change if the packaging was different. Our sustainable approach to oral hygiene puts us ahead of all of your traditional toothpaste brands.

Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO Bite


For anyone struggling with diabetes, medication and doctor visits can run your finances dry quickly. At Diathrive we offer a direct to consumer model allowing patients to get the medication they need without the hassle of making an appointment every time you need supplies. Take your care into your own hands!

Michael Hennessy, Founder and CEO Diathrive

Avacare Medical

Getting quality medical supplies at home can be tough. Avacare Medical offers a solution for consumers needing supplies such as wheelchairs, shower stools, adjustable beds and physical therapy tools for those that need them in their homes. Take your care into your own hands with Avacare medical.

Steven Zeldes, Founder and CEO AvaCare Medical


Dealing with ED can be frustrating and embarrassing, which is a shame considering how many men this issue affects. With our DTC model, those that need medications prescribed and delivered discreetly finally have a solution. Take your care into your own hands by consulting one of our trained nurse practitioners today!

Anthony Puopolo, CMO REX MD


Cure Hydration

With Cure Hydration, you can replenish all of your body’s electrolytes without any harmful sugars or added dyes and other ingredients. We offer a wide variety of flavored powders that dissolve in water and replenish much needed nutrients to your body. Staying hydrated is important for our overall health so don’t sleep on getting hydrating solutions for your lifestyle!

Guna Kakulapati, Co-founder and CEO Cure Hydration


At Loli, we believe that superfood ingredients are the key to healthy and sustainable beauty products. That’s why we are committed to using and researching ingredients that are healthy, eco-friendly, recyclable and non-toxic. The beauty industry is infamous for selling products that contain synthetics and chemicals in place of natural ingredients. At Loli we aim to change that.

Tina Hedges, CEO Loli


Health care and the supplement industry have long been known for their lack of transparency with ingredients and marketing strategies. The DTC model allows for businesses in this industry to have a greater deal of control over what goes into their products and how their customers receive and experience them. This kind of oversight is woefully lacking in the majority of industries and working directly with customers is an important way we can start tackling this issue and strive for honesty and better, natural ingredients. Especially for health and wellness brands whose products are meant to help people.