In her first holidays married into the royal family, Meghan Markle’s Christmas will now differ than the last. At least when it comes to exchanging gifts, the Duchess of Sussex won’t receive any on Christmas Day, but on Christmas Eve instead.

According to the royal family’s website, Dec. 24 is dedicated to presents. “On Christmas Eve, The Royal Family lay out their presents on trestle tables and will exchange their gifts at teatime.” Therefore, Meghan and the rest of the family still open gifts, only a little bit earlier than most of us.

According to Darren McGrady, former royal chef, the tradition actually doesn’t stem from England. Instead, it roots back to their German ancestors. “The royals are of German descent so they weave in German traditions to their celebrations. After afternoon tea, they open gifts on Christmas Eve, as is the German tradition,” revealed Darren.

This leaves Christmas open for other activities such as church, as it’s been their tradition for centuries. “The Queen and other members of The Royal Family attend the morning service on Christmas Day at St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham, a country church visited by The Queen’s Great-Great-Grandmother Queen Victoria, which dates back to the 16th century,” states the family’s website.

The royal family
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Despite the fact that Meghan will now experience new memories alongside Prince Harry and the rest of the royals, some things will still remain the same. Like regular American tradition, the royal family also has a Christmas tree and gives out Christmas cards, which feature a family photo signed by the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Royal family members receive gifts from Her Majesty and staff receive pudding, accompanied by a holiday greeting card. And in true holiday spirit, giving back is a must as Queen Elizabeth likes to donate to charities.

As for Meghan, we’re sure she’ll adjust. Her mom, Doria Ragland, is expected to spend Christmas with the royal family, giving her a sense of home and familiarity.