Besides ruling England, Her Majesty is also the Queen of shade! Queen Elizabeth is not afraid to tell it how it is and with that much power, why would she be? Apparently after an unpleasant find in one of her meals, the Queen put her chef on blast.

Charles Oliver, the royal family’s former servant, got real about his experience serving the monarch in his book Dinner at Buckingham Palace. According to him, the Queen once found a slug in her food and was obviously not pleased, which led her to send a very direct note that read: “I found this in the salad — could you eat it?”

Well then… no one messes with the Queen! Charles also revealed that the Queen and Prince Phillip have a notebook with them at every meal, basically praising or criticizing what they’re given to eat. However, for the most part, she only puts the notebook to use on special occasions.

“Mostly, the book remains blank, as the Queen is not fussy about food. However, when she has a guest to an informal lunch and they reveal definite likes and dislikes — such as an objection to fried potatoes or Brussels sprouts — the Queen will make a discreet note for future reference. This is duly recorded by the kitchen and remembered, should the guest come again,” said Charles.

Queen Elizabeth with Meghan Markle
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This is definitely not the first time Her Majesty threw some shade. Apparently no one can escape her snarky remarks — not even her family. It was recently reported that the Queen questioned Meghan Markle’s choice of wearing a veil at her royal wedding back in May. Sources claim she even intervened when Prince Harry reportedly had a pre-wedding meltdown stating Meghan must get her way. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, the only royal family member getting what they want is the Queen of shade!