Alright, let’s just say it: Bachelor fans have to buy into a lot s–t in order to enjoy the franchise. Let’s just pretend (for argument’s sake) that we did live in a fantasy world where first dates happened in exotic locations all over the world, getting serious with multiple women didn’t make you a scumbag, and reality stars weren’t mainly out for fame. We’d still have to believe that you can meet, date, and fall in love with someone in six short weeks. And, maybe that is possible… but ABC’s latest installment, The Bachelor Winter Games isn’t filmed over the course of a month and a half. If you’re wondering how long is The Bachelor Winter Games then we’ve got news for you: it’s two weeks.

LOL, what? We’ve had pimples for longer than two weeks, let alone relationships. Let alone relationships that are supposedly going to end in an engagement. Yep, ABC recently announced that one of the famous couples on the reality show will end their journey in Vermont with a little bling. In fact, we’re like 99.9% sure we already know who the lucky (???) couple is — click here to find out.

So, here’s our question: How are we supposed to believe that a couple can fall in love after two weeks of meeting each other. Okay, that sounds cynical. Maybe you can fall in love in a week! Or two! Or at first sight! We like Nicholas Sparks movies… and buy into The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise (jk who buys into Paradise?). But, the point is does a two-week relationship in front of cameras really provide the proper groundwork for a marriage?!

To be fair, some fans are arguing that the couple — who gets engaged — have been dating since the show stopped filming. “No they actually got engaged tonight at the after show. They’ve been together since the show ended months ago ?,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “I wish they made #BachelorWinterGames longer ? I like it better than paradise… I think it’s because everyone has to interact because they’re stuck in a house since it’s cold outside ? and I like the internationals.” Same, girl… alright so if they date longer than two weeks before they slap on that Neil Lane ring then maybe they’ll stay together? Like… probably not, but hey, we’ll still tune in next week.

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