NBC’s hit singing competition series The Voice has been star-studded from the beginning, with mega-celebrities like Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson finding talent from their spinning chairs. But how much have the coaches past and present gotten paid to mentor the up-and-comers? Prepare to be blown away by how much money they make, because it’s a lot!

Kelly Clarkson’s The Voice Salary

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Radar reported that Kelly is being paid about $14 million per season deal. Why so much? Well, the new American Idol will begin airing the same year, and there was allegedly a bidding war for which show would get her on the cast. The Voice won out, so producers offered her the second-largest salary ever for it!

Blake Shelton’s The Voice Salary

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Blake is also one of the highest-paid coaches on the show, and we totally get why. He’s a fan-favorite, he’s been there since the beginning, and his team has won five times! The Wrap reported that Blake made about $13 million per season as of 2016, but insiders told Radar that that number is even higher now because he and girlfriend Gwen Stefani negotiated together to get huge bonuses. We’d be lying if we said watching their romance unfold on the show isn’t a huge draw when they appear together!

Adam Levine’s The Voice Salary

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Adam was apparently being paid the same as Blake before the Gwen stuff came about according to The Wrap, so he is likely still around $13 million per season (which is $26 million per year!). He’s also been a coach since Season 1, and has won 3 seasons. The difference in pay might be at the core of their recent rift that Life & Style recently learned about. Unfortunately the duo isn’t as close as they once were, and their friendship now seems “forced” off-air. Perhaps he should get wife Behati Prinsloo to join the show?

Alicia Keys’ The Voice Salary

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Alicia Keys is reportedly making $8 million per season when she was on the show, according to Money Nation. Though this is considered normal for new coaches, it was $5 million less than Miley, who started on the same season.

Miley Cyrus’ The Voice Salary

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Miley only appeared on two seasons of The Voice, but she made as much as longtime coaches Blake and Adam, raking in about $13 million per season according to Money Nation. That’s probably because she’s a huge star and really helped bring in more of the younger demographic.

Jennifer Hudson’s The Voice Salary

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It is unclear how much Jennifer Hudson made as a coach, but it doesn’t sound like she will be a part of the show past Season 13. A source told Life & Style exclusively that Jennifer can’t take a joke, and didn’t get along with the other coaches. Plus, Kelly Clarkson joined for Season 14, and they probably don’t need more than one American Idol winner on the crew.

Gwen Stefani’s The Voice Salary

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Gwen has had a few stints on the hit NBC show, and while she’s always been beloved, her popularity has only grown since her relationship with Blake began. She started out making $10 million per season on Season 7, but by Season 12 she was reportedly making more than $13 million thanks to bonuses surrounding her relationship with Blake. Unfortunately, Radar reports that her time on the show is likely over for good. “Gwen would not be on with Miley at the same time… she has not made plans to return to the show… she feels her time on the show has ran its course.”

Pharrell Williams’ The Voice Salary

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Pharrell Williams was a coach on The Voice from 2014 to 2016, and though he’s a Grammy-winner, he reportedly raked in a lot less than other coaches. Feel Guide reports that he was making about $8 million per season, though it’s unclear if he just negotiated badly or didn’t care that much about the money.

Christina Aguilera’s The Voice Salary

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Christina Aguilera was actually the highest-paid Voice coach ever, having worked on six seasons of the show. The Wrap reports that she began making $17 million, but took a pay cut in later seasons, making $12.5 million (less than Miley, Blake, and Adam).

Shakira’s The Voice Salary

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Shakira did pretty well for herself on Seasons 4 and 6 of The Voice. The Hollywood Reporter claims that she inked a deal making $12 million per season when she replaced Christina.

Cee Lo Green’s The Voice Salary

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Cee Lo Green got totally jipped during his time on The Voice. He was the lowest-paid coach ever, making $2 million per season when he first started, and getting bumped to $6.5 million before he departed in Season 6, according to Cheat Sheet.

Usher’s The Voice Salary

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Usher was Cee Lo’s replacement after Season 6, and though he did get paid more than the producer, he was still one of the lower-paid coaches on the show. THR reports that he made a deal for $7 million per season.