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With masks covering everyone’s lower face, eyelashes are front and center and many patients are wondering how to maximize the growth of theirs. I reached out to some of the top aesthetic providers in the nation to get their opinions on the best way to get the most out of their lashes!

1) “To help eyelashes grow it is important to protect eyelash follicles from irritation and trauma,” says Dr. Jeanette M. Black. “Wearing false eyelashes, aggressively curling eyelashes and excessively rubbing your eyes can irritate eyelash follicles and slow the growth of eyelashes.”

2) “The gold standard in eyelash growth products is Latisse,” notes Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. “It is the first FDA-approved product to grow eyelashes in people with inadequate lashes and is widely popular in my practice! Latisse takes a few weeks to work but the results are incredible.”

3) “An over-the-counter product I recommend for eyelash growth is Revitalash,” states Dr. Michelle Henry. “It is packed with prostaglandin-like compounds that cause eyelash growth without irritation.”

4) “There are many non-prescription topical solutions that can be used to help eyelashes grow faster such as formulations like Lipocils“, finds Dr. Sheila C. Barbarino. “Reasonably priced and readily available, they are one of my favorite products.”

5) “Castor oil can also be used to help eyelashes grow and is a great option for those that get irritation from other formulations,” regards Dr. Alpesh Desai. “Look at my lashes — they look like Jessica Rabbit’s eyelashes. They are curved, thick and lucious!”

The dermatology experts have spoken — avoid trauma and try an over-the-counter or prescription product to make your lashes grow darker, thicker and more dense!