It’s been a decade since Tiffany “New York” Pollard starred on I Love New York in hopes of finding her soulmate, but luckily for us, we can relive her dramatic journey through reruns on VH1 and check up on some of the scene-stealing contestants through social media. Scroll down to see what some of your favorite suitors are up to now.

Kevin “Bonez” Peters

New York said goodbye to Bonez on episode three, and he then competed on the second season of the spinoff I Love Money, finishing in 12th place. He currently goes by the name Kevin John and works as a sportscaster.

Kevin “T-Weed” Watson

In an effort to impress Tiffany, T-Weed declared that he had a net worth of $100 million. However, after a background check was conducted, it turned out that he was actually in major debt, and his dishonesty got him kicked off. He went on to compete on the second season of I Love Money, but was eliminated in episode four.

Ezra “Buddha” Masters

You might not have realized it, but Ezra has been on some of your favorite shows! Since wrapping up his time on reality TV, the 37-year-old has landed small roles on True Blood, 90210, Sons of Anarchy, and more.

Ahmad “Real” Givens

On the first season of the show, Real was the second runner-up. The reality star, as well as his brother Kamal (aka Chance), then tried to look for love on their own show, Real Chance of Love. Sadly, Real passed away in Feb. 2015 at age 33 from colon cancer.

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(Chance and Real. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Jason “Heat” Rosell

After being eliminated in episode four, Heat competed on Season 1 of I Love Money, and scored a few minor acting roles on shows like All My Children and 100 Ways to Die. He’s also a personal trainer and has appeared on Steve Harvey and Sweat Inc. to share fitness and diet tips.

Joshua “Whiteboy” Gallander

Though Whiteboy was cut on the eighth episode, he returned to television in 2013 with truTV’s series Cash Dome, which followed him as he worked at his Miami pawnshop.

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Patrick “Tango” Hunter

In the first season of the series, Tango came out on top, winning New York’s heart. The two became engaged, but Tango called it off while they were taping the reunion show. These days, he spends his time as a filmmaker and works with several charities.

Lee “Mr. Boston” Marks

The jokester, who got the boot in episode six, competed on the first season of I Love Money, finishing in 14th place. Lee, an accountant, also appeared in two episodes of the spinoff New York Goes to Work.

Randy “Wood” Richwood

Though he was eliminated in the first episode, Wood had better luck on Mr. Romance, a cheesy reality competition in which contestants were schooled to become the perfect gentleman, with the winner receiving the opportunity to pose for the cover a romance novel.

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Lamonty “Pootie” Council

After having a nervous breakdown, Pootie made the decision to leave the show in the third episode. He’s since dropped off the radar.

Mauricio “Chamo” Sanchez

Though Chamo was actually New York’s personal assistant and stylist, he always stole the spotlight. He’s still working in showbiz, having appeared on reality shows like Hollywood Hillbillies, as well as scripted shows such as the web series Kat Loves LA.

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