Oh, come on now people! Fans are suddenly thinking Adrienne Bailon is pregnant because she opted out of drinking alcohol on The Real on March 8. So, are Adrienne and her hubby Israel Houghton expecting baby No. 1?

“She’s pregnant! Mark my words!,” wrote a fan on Instagram after watching Adrienne on The Real. “Something in her eyes on today’s show… and she said she was drinking a mocktail!” However, the show does shoot early, so maybe she just didn’t want to drink alcohol so early!

If Adrienne is pregnant, she certainly isn’t showing it at all. The very same day, Adrienne posted a photo of herself in jeans, a t-shirt, and a big coat in London, and her tummy still looks totally flat. Even if you don’t think it’s clear enough to tell, she was still looking pretty darn tiny at a Sirius XM event on March 2.

The fact that fans keep writing things like “congratulations to you and your hubby,” on Instagram probably doesn’t help stop rumors either. However, the celebratory comments are in reference to the fact that Israel just released a new single called “Reckless Love” and it’s a jam. Adrienne has been helping her hubby promote it, and seems almost as excited as if she really did just give birth!

adrienne bailon, getty

Adrienne on March 2.

However, Adrienne hasn’t been quiet about the fact that she does want a child… soon! “My wish for next year would be to start a family,” she said on The Real in December. “I’ve been married for a year and that would be my biggest dream come true. I’ve always said I want to be a mom so prayers up, and you’ll see what happens.” But with no announcement and no bump, it just doesn’t seem like it’s happened yet.