She’s back with another hit. Ariana Grande just released “imagine” — a pop ballad in which she daydreams about an ideal situation in a relationship. While this isn’t as straight-forward as “thank u, next,” which literally name drops her exes, many fans believe her new tune is about her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

It’s quite possible Ari’s new single could also be about her failed relationship with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson (or literally anyone else). However, Arianators have come up with some theories that point to the singer’s lyrics being a response to Mac’s “Cinderella,” which is confirmed to be about her.

Some lyrics to “Cinderella” are as follows: “You in my dreams/ That’s why I sleep all the time/ And when you hungry, I can chef you up a stir fry/ You used to tell me I ain’t your type/ Now you always wanna spend the night.” While some of the lyrics to “imagine” are: “Staying up all night/ Order me pad thai/ Then we gon’ to sleep ’til noon/ Feels like forever, baby / I never thought that it would be you.”

Before the song dropped, she posted a photo of an unsent drafted tweet on her Instagram story explaining that “thank u, next” and “imagine” are opposites. “A lot of this album mourns failed yet important, beautiful relationships in my life (as well as celebrates growth / exploring new independence). But for those of you asking about ‘imagine’: I would say if ‘thank u next’ = acceptance…’imagine’ = denial. hope that makes sense.” In other words, despite its pop sound, it’s a sad song. On Twitter, the 25-year-old even admitted it’s “kind of like… pretending it never ended.”

Besides their songs sounding like they go hand in hand with each other, fans also noticed that Mac had a tattoo of the word “Imagine” written across his arm.

We’ll have to wait and see if Ariana ever decides to get more in depth about “Imagine,” but in the meantime, we’ll have the beautiful song playing on repeat.