Geez, can’t a lady tweet without causing major speculation? On Wednesday, March 27, popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill took to Twitter to share a sweet message about her friend’s pregnancy. OK, my friend being pregnant with a girl is really throwing me off. I swear I’m feeling everything she feels. When her boobs hurt, mine hurt. When she’s tired, I’m tired. And now I love PINK!! WTF is this!!?!” the makeup mogul, 28, wrote along with several cutesy emojis.

Of course, fans took Jaclyn’s tweet as code for “JK … I’m actually the pregnant one.” Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things. “Girl … you saying something?” one user questioned. “Ummm, maybe you’re pregnant!” added another. While we have no doubt that Jaclyn would make a terrific mother, what she’s experiencing with her bestie is actually something called “sympathy pregnancy.“ Yes, that’s a thing. No, you can’t get off of work for it. 

Basically, when you’re close with someone, it’s possible that you may start to exhibit similar symptoms if they’re pregnant — i.e. weight gain, nausea, etc. As it stands, the medical community is still debating whether “the condition” is biological or psychosomatic (a.k.a in your head).

Either way, that’s seemingly what Jac is going through right now. Additionally, the brunette beauty revealed that her BFF asked her to be in the room when she gives birth. Here’s hoping that sympathy pregnancy doesn’t also include labor pains.

In conclusion: Jaclyn Hill is not pregnant. However, she *is* living her best life. Most recently, she bought herself a giant diamond ring. “This is me loving myself!!! Feels good,” she told a fan who asked if it was an engagement ring. Keep shining, Jaclyn!

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