Ups and downs. Former Chrisley Knows Best star Lindsie Chrisley is legally married but has split again from husband Will Campbell after a complicated past. The pair, who share son Jackson, previously broke up and reconciled, but they weren’t able to make their love last. Take a look at their history below.

Lindsie’s marriage started off on the wrong foot when she and Will secretly eloped behind their families’ backs in January 2012. Her fatherTodd Chrisley, was extremely upset by the situation and didn’t hold back. 

Chrisley Knows Best Family Lindsie Chrisley Secretly Eloped with Will Campbell

“I had a problem with the way the marriage started. Not just on Will’s side but on my daughter’s side, as well. I don’t’ think that the marriage started out the way that it should have, and certainly not the way that a father would like to see a marriage start,” the reality dad told E! News at the time while noting Lindsie “should have never condoned that kind of disrespect.” 

He continued, “You know, a father has his dreams when he has a child or a daughter that a young man is going to come and knock on the door one day and say, ‘Mr. Chrisley, I love your daughter so much and may I have her hand in marriage?’ That never happened.”

Lindsie and Will’s relationship began to get rocky after their son, Jackson, was born in 2013. The first-time parents sunk their time and energy into their sweet boy, but their marriage suffered as a result. 

“I feel like for a while your marriage changes — for me at least. I fell so in love with Jackson that I almost neglected my marriage in a way,” Lindsie said in an essay for Today. “Not on purpose, but out of the newness in our schedule, and us making Jackson our first priority.”

Things didn’t get easier for the young couple. In 2016, Lindsie filed for divorce. “He was my first love. We got together when we were 19 years old, and over time, we grew separately in different directions instead of together,” the reality starlet explained to People at the time. The podcast host added that she had “outgrown the relationship.” 

During her split from Will, the USA star dipped her toe into the dating pool — but things took an awkward turn. In August 2019, Lindsie filed a police report claiming her dad and brother Chase Chrisley were trying to blackmail her by threatening “ to release a sex tape” involving her and Bachelor Nation alums Robby Hayes and Josh Murray. Technically, she and Will were not legally divorced at this time. 

“We have tried to keep Lindsie’s extramarital relationships with Robby Hayes and Josh Murray [during her marriage to Will Campbell] private for her sake since August of 2016,” Todd fired back in a statement to E! News. “Sadly, for reasons we can only guess at, she ran to the sheriff’s office to accuse her brother of buying a sex tape of her and Robby, which was a complete lie, and now she’s telling more lies about me.”

“Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department closed the investigation into Lindsie Chrisley’s accusations because the incident did not occur in their jurisdiction,” Howard Baker, a spokesman for the department, told Tennessean in 2019.

The former Bachelorette contestant clarified the situation on the “Housewives and Vanderpump” podcast. “We did not make a sex tape,” Robby said. “I’m not sitting there with a camera aimed down and trying to get the angles. Like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend’s living room, the couch we crashed on.” He added there was “no consent from either end” to record their night together.

The influencer wasn’t in the dating game long. She and Will reconciled in early 2018. “When it came time for mediation for their divorce the two of them canceled it, twice,” an insider told Radar Online. “That’s when they realized that they were still meant to be together and she withdrew the divorce papers this past summer.”

They seemed to be going strong for a while — Lindsie even teased having “future babies” with her man — but they ultimately called it quits in July 2021.

“It’s with the deepest sadness that, after nine years of marriage, Will and I have mutually decided to end our marriage,” Lindsie wrote via Instagram. “We maintain the greatest respect and love for one another, and we’re so grateful for our time together. We will continue to remain friends and be devoted parents to our son whom we both love very much.”

The podcast host added she’s looking ahead to “new beginnings,” including the “fresh space” she moved into.