Are you watching Long Lost Family? You should be! TLC's documentary-style show partners with to help people who are looking to be reunited with their long-lost biological family members.

"Long Lost Family follows the stories of people who have, for one reason or another, experienced long-term separation from members of their family and are seeking to be reunited with them," the TLC explains. "After a lifetime of separation, birth parents will reconnect with their biological families and children will meet the parents who put them up for adoption years ago." Keep scrolling to learn more!

Is Long Lost Family real?

Yes, even though it might be hard to believe, the show is real. It is shot documentary-style so all the people are actually looking for their long-lost family members. It is actually based off a British TV series of the same name that also reunited families. The British version has been on for seven seasons and is a British Academy Television Awards award-winning TV program.

One of the families from this season discovered one of his long lost family members met a violent end. Anthony Allen, an Ohio man had two twin brothers and one of them was killed in a homicide — as an infant. Anthony discovered in recent years, that had older twin brothers named David and Paul. Paul was killed at six-months-old by Frank Newell (his father) when he wouldn’t stop crying in his crib, Allen’s investigation showed.

“I was shocked, I was angry, I was kind of embarrassed that I had a murderer in my family,” Anthony admitted. “It’s just heartbreaking.”

Who is the host of Long Lost Family?

The hosts of Long Lost Family are Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner. According to the website, they have a special connection to the series. "[Chris and Lisa] have a special connection to these people as they’re both adoptees who have embarked on their own journeys to discover their biological families."

How do you get on Long Last Family?

Want to know how to get on Long Lost Family? Just fill out this application! After you finish, you can then email it to

What channel is Long Lost Family on?

Long Lost Family airs on TLC on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST. We can't wait to watch the show!