It quickly became clear that the beautiful Tayshia Adams is a frontrunner for Colton Underwood‘s heart on The Bachelor. She’s smart, beautiful, and their talks seem to be some of the most genuine in the bunch. But what if the 28-year-old is not the one he chooses to propose to? In that case, fans are hoping she’ll be next in line for the Bachelorette title!

“If Tayshia doesn’t win then she needs to be the Bachelorette I don’t make the rules #TheBachelor,” said one enthusiastic fan. Another agreed, saying, “Definitely Tayshia! Just because y’all threw one black bachelorette in there doesn’t mean you can’t choose another. Bring on the diversity please 🙏🏻.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote a whole thesis on their reasoning. “1. we cannot have a 23-year-old Bachelorette, can’t break the winning streak. 2. she is smart and mature. 3. she is divorced and deserves a second chance at love. 4. she is there for the right reasons. 5. she is drop dead gorgeous. 6. she can definitely carry the lead role.” Can’t argue with that logic!

Tayshia has gotten a lot of attention for her boldness and honesty with Colton. After their breathtaking one-on-one date bungee jumping in Singapore, Tayshia took the time over dinner to tell Colton about her divorce and how hard it was for her. She told him that she takes proposals very seriously, and wouldn’t get engaged again unless she was confident it would work out. The next week in Thailand, she snuck off with Colton during the group date, to steal a few kisses, and then sent lanterns into the sky together during the cocktail party. Every moment between them seems special, which makes it all the more obvious why fans want her to win (or become the star of Bachelorette this spring). Can’t wait to see how far Tayshia makes it? Check out our spoilers, here!

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