What a keeper! Iskra Lawrence has a really strong connection with her boyfriend, Philip Payne. The #AerieREAL role model exclusively opened up to Life & Style about what exactly makes their bond so special — and it basically has to do with the fact that they are each other’s biggest fans.

“I think it’s really great to have a partner who supports you, however that means,” the 28-year-old exclusively told Life & Style. “We motivate each other to work out for sure and even in general we motivate each other. Like career-wise, we’re always asking each other ideas. He really supports me with all my Aerie work and he’ll take photos of me and I’ll post them. It’s really great just having a partner.”

Iskra made things Instagram official with Philip in January when she posted a photo with him on Instagram for his birthday. “This is our love story and for the first time ever, I’m posting my man,” Iskra began her heartwarming message to Philip at the time. “Even though it’s scary allowing something so pure and private to be out in social media for the whole world to pick apart and judge, I don’t care and I want to share us with the world.”

The couple is going strong and will be enjoying their first summer together. “I’m just trying to spend as much time as I can with Philip and friends,” she said. “We don’t have any plans really, but what’s great is that our lifestyles allow us to meet up in really cool places, like we’re both in L.A. at the same time right now. I’m doing an Aerie event and he’s here with one of his artists. We tend to have a great time every single day and make the most of it.”

The blonde beauty also mentioned she will be having lots of girl and family time in the upcoming months. “I also think it’s important to make time for girlfriends, like the other day I went to Six Flags, which was so much fun, and in a week or so I’m going to Orlando with my family, so yes, I’m balancing work and play.”

The model works hard, and part of it is because she loves what Aerie stands for. “I think one of the most important things with Aerie is that their number one priority is making the girls feel confident. We have the trends, but it’s also important that the girls feel confident,” she said. The brand is known for using unretouched photos of their models, to show girls and women what’s real.

Iskra also emphasized the importance of women wearing clothes, specifically bathing suits, they feel good in. “I speak to the brand all the time and the last thing girls want is to worry about their boobs falling out of [swim] suits on the beach or something digging in. You need to feel comfortable and then from there you can feel confident, and from there you can play with colors, trends and patterns so it’s really about making that Aerie girl feel that they belong in this suit. I feel great, this is me and I’m going to own the beach.” You go, girl!