Uh oh! Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill launched a new line of 20 nude lipsticks recently, and it looks like fans aren’t too happy with the products. It turns out a number of costumers received lipsticks that are damaged, and they’re taking to social media to let the 28-year-old know how dissatisfied they are.

Several fans who got their hands on the lipsticks claim they have hairs on them. “I’d say this Jaclyn Hill lipstick launch was a fail. IDK about anyone else, but I don’t want to have to groom my lipstick before using it. Or is this some new weird beauty trend I’m unaware of?” one person wrote. “I’ve always loved you but you need to own up to the fact like a good percentage of your lipsticks have problems!” tweeted a second person.

Other fans are claiming the formula may not be safe to use. “After a few uses Amazeballs is getting weird. I only used Hustle once. I did email corporate about it. S–t happens, I just wish it would be addressed. I’m scared to use something that could be contaminated,” tweeted a third person along with a photo.

The YouTuber did address the issues at some point. “My team and I are working very hard on finding out EXACTLY what is causing the ‘grittiness & bumpy texture’ on some of my lipsticks,” she tweeted on June 8. “I am so sorry to see some of you dissatisfied with my product. I will make it right for you and learn from this mistake! That’s a promise.”

She specifically tried offering an explanation over the lipsticks that seemingly contained hair on them. “If any of you are receiving lipsticks like this…. please know that this is NOT hair! My factory used brand new white gloves to do quality control and they shed all over my product! We switched to rubber gloves two days ago and will make sure this never happens again,” she added.

Hopefully, the issues get resolved sooner than later!