She’s finally doing it! YouTuber and beauty guru Jaclyn Hill announced her very own cosmetics line — and the makeup master is clearly so thrilled about the next step in her already-huge career.

“It’s really happening @jaclynhillcosmetics 💎😭,” the 28-year-old MUA captioned a video announcement on May 21 of herself sitting on top of a swinging diamond. Glitz and glamour seem to be the theme of this introductory drop and the sparkle is honestly too good, y’all.

We even did a little digging on the cosmetic line’s Instagram page and found a tease of one of Jac’s first products. “Coming soon,” read the caption on a photo of a black hexagonal shaped tube, complete with a diamond on the end. We don’t know exactly what the product is yet, but we can’t wait to find out — lipstick, concealer, who knows!

If you’re as excited for the line as we are, you might wanna head to the website for the line and register for updates, because a lot can happen in a week, y’all. The release date for the OG beauty blogger’s new endeavor is May 30, so you’re gonna want to stay ~in the know~.

But aside from the super artsy hands-in-diamonds video playing on loop on the background of the homepage, one other thing did strike us about the site for Jac’s line. Both the URL and the main title on the website are just “Jaclyn,” no “Hill” attached — which seems to be a clear nod to the fact that she is no longer married.


The YouTuber left fans totally shook when she broke up with her longtime husband Jon Hill in 2018 after nine years together. She took to the video platform to explain the breakup. “I will always love Jon, but Jon and I have never made good partners, we have always made good friends,” she said shortly after the split.

Now the brunette beauty is dating Jordan Farnum and the duo totally loved up — so let’s hope she does his makeup with the new line on her channel soon, or something equally as cute.