Glow, girl! YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is ready to leave negativity in 2018. The makeup guru is looking forward to a year full of body positivity, which includes not photoshopping her legs in social media photos anymore. Jaclyn always keeps it very real with her followers, whether it’s about a new product or something in her personal life that she’s struggling with.

“First post of 2019!” the influencer captioned a photo of herself on Instagram. “You can see a little cellulite on my thighs, but I’m not photoshopping that out this year! Hi 2019, what up b—h?” The pic shows Jaclyn sitting on the stairs in a Gucci t-shirt and matching Gucci boots. She’s looking fierce with icy blue hair, which she admitted was a wig in her Instagram Story, that matches her diamond necklace and ring.

Fans loved her pledge to stop editing any tiny imperfections out of her photos. “Thank you for not photoshopping! It’s important that influencers let people see they’re also just people,” one fan gushed. “Real is perfection anyways. And everybody’s real is unique which is even better!” another user commented.

Things aren’t always what they appear to be on social media and Jaclyn doesn’t shy away from that. In December, she posted a photo of herself looking super glam while drinking a martini. Her life (and highlighter) look flawless in the snapshot but she posted the truth behind the photo for fans.

“FACT: I had an anxiety attack 3 minutes after this photo was taken. For NO reason,” she wrote on Twitter. “Got so dizzy I almost fell out my chair & felt like I couldn’t breath [SIC]. My boyfriend boxed the food before we could even eat & we bolted out. Things aren’t always as they seem. Remember that!” Fans praised her realness and it prompted a lot of people to share their own struggles.

It looks like Jaclyn is looking ahead to a very bright year!

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