Uh, wow! YouTuber and makeup guru Nikkie de Jager (aka NikkieTutorials) took to Twitter to share her major weight loss transformation with fans. The vlogger lost an impressive 50 pounds and looks so happy and confident.

She captioned the before-and-after photo on Twitter, “BYE BYE 50 POUNDS!!!!! Sometimes YOU have to be YOUR OWN inspiration,” with a slew of smiling emojis and hearts. Fans were super supportive of the makeup artist and couldn’t stop gushing about how she looked.

“You’ve worked so hard! I am so0o…. proud of you! More Gorgeous & Stronger than ever!” one fan commented. Another follower said, “I’ve been watching your videos for so long and every video you put up I can see such a difference each time. Sooooo proud of you. You looked amazing before and amazing now. Hope you are so happy for yourself.”

People were feeling Nikkie’s transformation. The comment, “Gorgeous then & now!!!! You inspire me!!!!” pretty much sums up what everyone was thinking. In fact, some Twitter users were so inspired, they shared their own weight loss photos on the thread. You go, Glen Coco!

The YouTuber has had a tough year with the passing of her younger brother, Mikai, after his two-year battle with lymphatic cancer. She shared the heartwrenching news with her 10 million subscribers on May 24. “You taught me how to live life and live it fiercefully and strong… like you,” she wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for being our biggest blessing. Now you can rest, Mikai, my biggest hero.”

She published her next YouTube video on June 10 where she explained more about the situation. “Two and a half years ago, we found out that my little brother had cancer, and it was a long, long battle that he, unfortunately, eventually lost,” she told her fans. “My little brother Mikai is about the strongest little dude I’ve ever met in my life … So strong, so inspirational, and so brave. And I just wanna say thank you for giving me the time to be with my family, and to heal, and to get my mind in a better place — because it felt so wrong for me to talk about something as light-hearted as makeup with my brother passing away.”

Obviously, Nikkie has tons of support from fans. No matter what life throws at her, she’ll handle it like a bada—.

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