After months of fan speculation, beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill finally officially announced she is getting a divorce from husband Jon. The couple was together for nine years, but now it's come to an end. Fans were completely distraught, and didn't understand why such a perfect couple would break up, but now she's opened up about it.

"I will always love Jon, but Jon and I have never made good partners, we have always made good friends." Jaclyn revealed in a new video, admitting that she still talks to, and even jokes around with Jon. "After almost nine years it got to a point where we had to finally face the music, look at what this was and be like… it can't go on. Jon and I have had problems our entire marriage but we have always worked to be bigger than our problems and it just got to a point where it was exhausting. I was bled dry, there was nothing left to give." Jaclyn says despite therapy, they were fighting constantly and things were getting ugly. "At what point do you have to give up your happiness for someone else's? You shouldn't have to do that for your husband. You shouldn't have to change who you are, it's not fair." Jacyln teared up saying that she wants Jon to find a woman that will make her husband happy one day, once she realized that it's not her.

The explanation comes two weeks after Jaclyn took to Instagram to reveal the split. "After almost nine years of marriage, Jon and I have decided to divorce," she wrote in the post. "Although this has been one of the hardest decisions of our lives, I know it's what's best for both of us." Though some signs had pointed to possible tension between the duo, Jac wanted fans to know there's no bad blood. "I will always have love for him, and am so grateful for all of the good times we've together," she continued. "My heart is broken by this, but I still believe in love and believe everyone has a chance for a happy ending. Thank you so much for your love and support toward the both of us."

Jon quickly shared his own message, writing, "this is obviously not the future we envisioned but we were very young and have since both changed and grown apart. Although there's still love between us, we feel it's best to go our separate ways. We thank you for your respect and understanding as we go through this transition."

Fans have expected this sad news for a long time now. While Jac used to regularly feature Jon on her social media and in her videos, we haven't seen him in months. Then, they both unfollowed each other recently. Plus, there was this quip from one of Jac's latest videos that fans spotted: "the only words I hate more than 'cool brown' are 'cheaters and liars.'" Yikes.

Fellow beauty influencers quickly flocked to Jac's comments section to send their fierce support. Kim Kardashian's stylist Mario sent his love. Nicol Concilio said "Love you Jaclyn! Sending positive vibes and prayers your way, you're such a strong woman!" Christen Dominique wrote, "sending you all my love, you're so strong!" while Kandee Johnson said, "sending you hugs and love!" We wish them both the best!