Don’t mess with Iskra Lawrence! Just because being a public figure comes with its fair share of internet haters, doesn’t mean that the U.K. beauty is willing to tolerate them. “I guess I have a few different ways I deal with trolls,” Iskra tells Life & Style. “Like, 90 percent of the time I know not to never let it impact how I feel about myself. It’s someone’s opinion or how someone is feeling and they’re projecting it on you,” continues the #AerieREAL Role Model

“They’re probably hurting and they’re probably trying to hurt you. But it’s never worth reacting to it. I never take it personally. But then there’s definitely learning opportunities, too,” Iskra, 28, explains. “If I feel there’s a teaching moment, I’ll try to share it. I’ll try to erase out the name and handle.”

“For example, one girl said I should get a boob job so that your boobs are more perky and you’ll be sexier and I was like no, I’m good, thanks, and actually we’ve all got different boobs, some of us have no boobs or they’re wonky,” recalls Iskra. “Just talking about that kind of thing I sometimes find it empowering because if a person is negative and you make it into a positive it’s super empowering.”

You tell ‘em, girl! Of course, that’s hardly the only time Iskra has used her platform for good. In fact, she’s constantly reminding her followers that there’s no such thing as perfection. Case in point: In May, she opened up about her Keratosis pilaris skin condition. “A.k.a. the reason I hated the skin on arms for basically my whole life,” Iskra captioned a stunning snapshot of herself in a white, arm-baring dress.

“Little did I know that it’s VERY common with over 3 million cases per year in the U.S. alone,” she explained. “But because skin is photoshopped and smoothed all over the media, magazines and now social media, it makes it seem like there’s something wrong if you don’t have crystal clear, smooth skin.” Ain’t that the truth? 

“The FACT of the matter is — no skin is perfect and it’s not meant to be,” she concluded. “All my KP fam comment below and say something nice to yourself today.” What a gem! We need more ladies like Iskra on the internet.

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