Lookin’ good! Iskra Lawrence must be feeling herself because she took to Instagram and posted a photo showing off her toned tummy and some cleavage on Friday, May 17. We’re so here for this level of confidence, TBH.

The 28-year-old rocked a white blazer with matching pants and paired it with a neon green bralette. “That @aerie slime bralette popppppin,” she began her caption before explaining what she’s up to these days. “London been bussyyy, so much I can’t wait to tell you all! P.S. going [to] Cannes tomorrow, so get ready for some red carpet shizzle. Also thanks for the suit, @scotlouie. My bad, I made it about my bralette. I swear I didn’t go live on TV like this LOL,” she joked.

When she isn’t talking about fashion, the curvy model uses her platform to preach about topics she cares about, such as body positivity and beauty standards in society. Most recently, she got candid about a skin condition she suffers from.”Keratosis pilaris,” the blonde beauty captioned a sexy photo of herself in a white dress with her arms on display, posted to her Instagram on May 15. “A.K.A. the reason I hated the skin on arms for basically my whole life.”

She then explained it’s not as rare as many people might think. “Little did I know that it’s VERY common with over 3 million cases per year in the US alone,” she continued. “But because skin is photoshopped and smoothed all over the media, magazines and now social media, it makes it seem like there’s something wrong if you don’t have crystal clear, smooth skin.”

She ended the post with positivity by telling her fans to celebrate their differences. “The FACT of the matter is — no skin is perfect and it’s not meant to be,” she concluded. “All my KP fam comment below and say something nice to yourself today.” This is why we love her!