She’s back and baring it all! Model Iskra Lawrence took to social media to share yet another super sexy bikini photo, this one of herself enjoying the sun in the Maldives — a throwback as she shoots in Milan, far away from the sunny beaches of the South Asian nation.

“Arrived in Milano, not on a boat or in a bikini 😜,” the 28-year-old captioned the absolutely gorgeous photo (shot by @eliyz_gallery) of herself sitting on the bow of a small boat in a ruffled bikini with a drink in hand. Between the gorgeous view of her hot summer bod and the incredibly clear ocean, we’re pretty jealous of this nostalgic shot.

Seeing the English babe flaunting her assets is no surprise since she’s known for showing off her goods on Instagram on the reg — but the best part about it is that she is all about unretouched images of herself, so you won’t find any photoshop on her page.

And the blonde is also all about raising awareness. Recently, she opened up about a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris that she and millions of other women suffer from. “A.K.A. the reason I hated the skin on arms for basically my whole life,” she captioned a sexy photo of herself on Instagram on May 15 with her arms on display.

“The FACT of the matter is — no skin is perfect and it’s not meant to be,” she continued in her caption. “All my KP fam comment below and say something nice to yourself today.”

She even got real about body dysmorphia, disordered eating and how both can warp your sense of what a healthy body type can be back in February. “I’ve never felt more beautiful or sexy just being the real me,” she wrote about her recovery. “And knowing that I’m loved because I’m me not some fantasy or perfected illusion. That my value wasn’t based on a set of measurements, a number on the scale or the size I wear.”