Is Iskra Lawrence a reality star in the making? Well, not yet … but she wants to be! The 28-year-old model recently told a fan on Instagram exactly what program she’d like to appear on. “You are total body goals! We need someone like you in the U.K.,” they commented on Friday, May 10. “I mean, I’m from the U.K. — dreaming of [Strictly Come Dancing],” Iskra began, adding “So we can get some more body acceptance and self-confidence on TV.” 

Side Note: Strictly Come Dancing is the British-version of Dancing with the Stars and basically, we think Iskra would be perfect for it! As it happens, plenty of her followers agree! “Yes! You would be brilliant for Strictly,” one user commented. “As a plus size dancer, I fully support this message,” added another, along with the hashtag “Iskra for Strictly.”

Iskra Lawrence Instagram comment
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

Given all of the positive feedback, we seriously hope that the producers of the show take notice! Oh, and if you’re from the U.S., don’t sweat it! Strictly Come Dancing is available to stream on both YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Appearing on TV would just be one of many ways that Iskra promotes body positivity. Unlike other models in the industry, the blonde beauty is all about being 100 percent honest with her followers when it comes to her true self.

“When I meet people, they don’t have these unrealistic expectations of me,” she told Life & Style while promoting her new TELETIES x Iskra Lawrence hair tie collaboration on April 16. “They already have seen the real me, so that for me, is a weight off of my shoulders.”

We stan an authentic queen! Now hurry up and get on TV, girl! We need more Iskra in our lives.

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