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Gorgeous Then and Now: See Jaclyn Hill’s Transformation Throughout the Years!

Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill has been making videos on YouTube for a decade! The stylish internet celebrity has changed quite a bit throughout her time in the spotlight, from her style to her hair color and everything in-between. She has given fans an inside to look into all the ups and downs that have happened in her personal life while serving up some of the most epic makeup ~lewks~ of all time.

The beauty guru has never been afraid to clap back at trolls — and is always ready to respond when her weight becomes a topic of conversation. In May 2021, Jaclyn opened up about comments made regarding a makeup-free clip that social media users tore apart.

“So Ulta posted a video of me that I filmed two weeks ago and the comments are so incredibly mean,” she revealed via her Instagram Stories at the time. “I’m not on here looking for any pity or sympathy but just being honest with you … I’m human [and] most days I carry on [and] don’t care. But today I feel defeated. Words hurt people. And I’m proud that I never speak about people the way others do.”

In 2018, the starlet admitted to putting on a few pounds over the course of the year but that didn’t stop pregnancy rumors and body-shaming from happening. In September of that year, she had the most epic response to a person who asked “what happened” to her face.

“I GAINED WEIGHT!!!!” she snapped in a quote-tweet of the rude comment. “Can you guys please stop body shaming? I don’t even want to log onto social media recently because all I see is comments about looking ‘fat’ and accusing me of getting fillers. Dear God! Thank the lord I have a good support system and self-confidence.”

Fans rallied to defend the Florida native. “I’m so sorry that people are this rude!! I think you look great!” one person gushed. Another person confessed, “I’m so sorry you always have to deal with this. Whether it’s people saying you look different, fillers, pregnant, etc. It’s not acceptable to say to anyone. You being open with your struggles has always helped me so I thank you for that. I think you look beautiful always.” Someone else added, “Haters can be so ridiculously brutal. Keep doing you and remember all of the fans you have that support you!! You’re successful for a reason and no one can take that away from you no matter how mean their words are.”

Despite the comments on social media, the makeup artist seems to be in a great place in her personal life. Jaclyn and her husband of nine years, Jon Hill, announced their divorce in May 2018. However, she’s found love again with recording artist Farnum (real name Jordan).

“2018 was one of the most challenging years of my life. But I learned there is a light at the end of every tunnel, even the darkest ones,” Jaclyn divulged on Instagram on New Year’s Eve 2018. “I’m so thankful for what this year taught me [and] so grateful for everyone in my life right now (especially my therapist). No really, God sent me an angel this year, you guys! I can not wait to start a new year with him!”

Jaclyn is a major inspiration and has always been killing it. Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of her transformation!