Sigh. Another day, another person in the spotlight being body-shamed on social media. This time, popular beauty guru Jaclyn Hill came under fire after posting a picture of herself in a bed of treats on Instagram. “Out of town on business. Soon as I wrap up meetings, I am in sweatpants and in bed with my blanket and snacks within the hour. Where my homebodies at?!” the YouTuber, 29, captioned the snapshot on Wednesday, July 31. 

Before we get into the troll’s (totally unnecessary comment) and Jaclyn’s epic clapback, we’d like to note that she only had three different snacks in the bed: A bag of regular and chocolate covered pretzels and a bag of Cheez-Its. Of course, the amount of food isn’t an invitation to judge, but seriously? That’s nothing. 

“Well, those snacks would explain those ever growing cheeks,” the hater commented. Some nerve, right? Thankfully, Jaclyn isn’t afraid to defend herself and responded, “Yep! I’ve gained 15 pounds in one month. That’s where I’m at.” Bam! That’s how it’s done, y’all.

The reason we’re so obsessed with Jaclyn’s reply is because she didn’t stoop to their level. She answered simply and honestly and most importantly, as someone who is totally A-OK with owning her body. Fortunately, Jaclyn’s entire post wasn’t ruined by one negative Nancy. In fact, plenty of her fans had kind things to say. Including one who wrote, “I totally would not mind a video of your [favorite] snacks. Just saying.”

Jaclyn Hill
Courtesy of Jaclyn Hill/Instagram

Not to piggyback off of someone else’s idea, but we second that! Jaclyn, if you’re reading this, we think “Get Ready With Me While I Eat My Favorite Snacks” would be the perfect video. You might need to wear gloves, though. After all, Cheez-It dust doesn’t blend well with foundation.

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