Down but not done. Jaclyn Hill returned to YouTube for the first time in a month and said she is in the process of bringing her brand back to life after a disastrous lipstick launch. The influencer has been working hard on changes to improve her company and it sounds like she’s making strides. While she didn’t confirm the date of her next product release, she has some things in the works.

The 29-year-old divulged that some of what she’s working on is “confidential,” but she assured fans that she has “fired so many people” and “hired so many people.” That’s not to say that the brunette beauty skirted all blame. “I did not have a big enough quality team to handle what I was doing at all and I messed up,” she admitted in a 19-minute-long video posted on July 23. “I was not involved enough in quality control and I overhyped it for your guys for what ended up happening. I trusted the wrong people. I did a lot of things I should not have done.”

There were a lot of lessons learned and she took notes from all her missteps. “In this past month, I have built an entirely new quality control team. I have brought on several different people for all different things,” Jaclyn explained.

The longtime YouTuber is hustling hard to keep her Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics company moving in the direction that she wants. “I’ve had several meetings, gotten together with my team, been working on new products, working in new labs,” she dished. “Thank you, God, that a launch I have down the road is with a completely different lab than the one I launched my lipsticks with … What had happened, I don’t trust that lab. I pulled every single product I was creating.”

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Jaclyn was radio silent on YouTube and deleted all her social media channels amid the backlash she was receiving from fans. She wanted to rid herself of distraction and focus on the future. Jaclyn confessed that she became “obsessed” with Twitter and Instagram. “I got to a place where I was so clouded and unable to rebuild my brand unable to see what’s going on. I knew to get right, in order to make my brand right, I had to get me right,” she said.

The beauty guru continued, “The reason I had to get away from social media and fully delete it was because, at that point, I had refunded everybody every single penny that they had spent. I was humiliated. I was embarrassed. It was time for me to start picking things up and putting the pieces back together and rebuilding.” She added, “That’s why I left social media. As a CEO, as a boss, you don’t get to sit and be like, ‘Wah.’ You have to start rebuilding.”

Time will tell what’s next for Jaclyn!